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    July 02, 2009


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    Michelle Boudreau

    Nice post ! the essence is the customer satisfaction is first priority , then is the way for financial stability .


    Nice post, keep the info on fiduciary advice coming.


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    I'm not sure how many unregulated financial planners there are out there, and how much business they are actually getting, so I'm somewhat skeptical that needs more attention, but OK.

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    Alok Kumar

    whatever you may try, false selling is here to stay. with the financial world showing slow recovery, the sales force is left with few choices, other than cheating the customers. to avoid the situation, the needs of the advisers have to be addressed.

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    Why do people delay personal financial planning?

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    how much business they are actually getting, so I'm somewhat skeptical that needs more attention, but OK.

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    These are noble goals, but further detail is required to really define an issue like "putting the client's interest first". This new group appears to consist of about a dozen otherwise unaffiliated independent advisory firms.

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    i am glad i came across advice america today.made me think of a lot of issues in our nation.thanks

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    faulty logic-- swooning over a character in a movie doesn't equal hitting on someone. men of all ages have been drooling over the likes of britney spears (when she first came out), taylor swift, and even dakota fanning now for ages. megan fox is something like 23 and i know for a fact that 40 year old men make no secret of wanting to bang her stupid.

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    This is one reason why I have emblazoned on the cover of my notebook the following statement:

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    Really well-written article. I'm jealous I didn't think of the topic. But yeah, the bowl games are really for the big games... everything else is just another way to suck the blood out of these kids and samll universities. Kinda sad.

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    every thing about cameroun is fake,
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    and kamerun was made up of five diffrent
    states all are independent countries today.CAMEROUN call the plescite union
    as re-unification, false infact its unification, since both countries were never one in history. They call victoria LIMBE , false the right name is victoria , the citizens of this town never held a council vote to change the name of the belove town. ahijo did that by just a radio annoncement.

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